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Getting to know Ginny (NMLS 334956)

I grew up on the South Side of Chicago as one of 11 children. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Resource Management and Soil Science from the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point.  I then moved to Rockford, Illinois and worked for the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. In 2000, I moved to Denver, Colorado where I worked for the State Environmental Program. While in Colorado, I refinanced my home. I have had a number of mortgages on homes before but this refinance was different. This mortgage broker  explained my options and laid out the advantages and disadvantages of various loan programs and interest rates. I can’t remember previous mortgage brokers even asking me questions about my plans for the house to determine which mortgage program would fit my needs.

There seemed to be a real need in the mortgage industry for brokers who genuinely wanted to help people. The mortgage process can be intimidating and even overwhelming for many. The language can seem foreign. I could see a real need for someone who could put everything in layman's terms. People buying a home often need an advocate, someone who will really care about them and help them realize their dreams. So I became a mortgage broker in 2004. It was a smooth transition from my old work in the environmental field because both jobs are all about researching guidelines, solving problems and working on people’s behalf. 

I would be honored to work with you on your next mortgage transaction and look forward to hearing from you.